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“Making a video? To do what? It's complicated and expensive.” WRONG!

In 2017, and for the years to come, videos are the most efficient media platform, regardless of their category. They are an essential tool for any person or brand working on their image, and here are the reasons why. 

"Despacito" music video is the most viewed video ever.
(3.9 billions of views on Youtube in October 2017)

“A surge of videos….”

In the last few years we have witnessed a real surge of videos on the internet, most especially via social media platforms such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Vine, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and even Facebook. Obstacles such as the time it takes to load videos and high-speed internet are ancient history as posts are now instantaneous; videos become viral and can be shared in a single click. Everything is getting faster, including the internet itself! All the new platforms are raving about videos and are encouraging their use. For example, on Facebook, uploading a video instead of a photo increases the organic reach by 135%. But why? 

“A very powerful media platform”

Videos, apart from being fun and aesthetically pleasing, are a very powerful media platform: they attract internet users and capture their attention. 

Videos perform completely differently to written texts. For example, 80% of the visitors will watch a video whilst only 20% will read a text. In fact, with 25-49 year olds, 79.9% of the time that they spend on their phone or computer, is spent watching videos. 

And when this type of media catches people’s eye and interest, it also allows for an intimate communication with its target audience. Nowadays, videos can be viewed anywhere: on public transport, at home, at work, or even on the beach, and it's common for people to let themselves be immersed into the technological world, therefore.
The aim of current social media platforms is to get their users to visit their page and stay as long as possible. By contributing content such as videos, we are adding to their success, so they're pushing you even further. 

“8 seconds to convince”

However, if videos are the uncontested leader in the media it is, above all, down to the crux of the issue in digital communication. That crux, today, is the target’s attention span: fleeting and unforgiveable. According to a survey by Microsoft Canada entitled “Attention Span,” in 2000 internet users had an attention span of 13 seconds, whilst it was only 8 seconds in 2015. Fortunately, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” In 8 seconds, more messages can be communicated in a video than in several pages of text. In fact, several brands are challenging current trends by producing video clips that last only 5 to 6 seconds!

“I want everything, right now and here”

Millennials want to see everything; they want it to be instantaneous, live and real. Fortunately, advanced technology allows us to fulfil these expectations by providing live videos on social media (Facebook, Instagram…), 360° filming, or even the infamous virtual reality which will take off in the next few months. The costs of production are now surprisingly low for renderings of high quality to be broadcast on the web. Nowadays, most smartphones film in 1080p, or in 4k; today there are no more excuses for not choosing to publish videos. Moreover, there are free software and editing applications for elaborate renderings, and if you decide to invest in some video equipment, a 500€ budget will suffice to buy your first high quality device. But don't worry if you’re not creative: thanks to easier access to video equipment, the amount of production and freelance companies has increased significantly. And according to the level of supply and demand, the price of buying a professional camera to promote your company has become much more affordable. 

“Add a video onto your Zankyou profile” 

For all these reasons, whilst working online, it's crucial to share a video with your visitors.

On Zankyou the expectations are the same. Even though the future married couple are already inclined to your services, the competition remains none-the-less present. To make yourself stand out you have to be fast, efficient and show what you're capable of. And a few second long video in your gallery will let you accomplish all of this.

Put the odds in your favour and publish a video, for example, of your last presentation. That way the future married couple will quickly gain a true insight into the services you propose and you will, without a doubt, gain their interest.

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