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Getting to know other professionals in your industry is crucial. A partnership does not necessarily mean having to sign a contract and pairing up with a brand. It can simply be to help one another or to establish some sort of mutual exchange, something that would be extremely beneficial to you. Discover, in this article, how and why you need to get to know other wedding professionals

What is the advantage ?

By partnering up with another supplier you will not only get closer to your own customers, but also, to other potential clients. Having this network of professionals will allow you to broaden your reach and seize more opportunities to develop your business. The acquaintances you make will then be able to recommend your services and vice versa. 

In addition to acquiring more business, having a contact who can provide the same services as you, allows you to have a back up solution for the dates when you are unavailable. If a client calls upon you it is because they trust you and appreciate your work. They will be sure to appreciate it if they know you can provide a back up option if anything were to go wrong on the most important day of their life.

Equally, if you share your knowledge and experience with another supplier it will allow you to learn and move forward in your own career. You must remain attentive and open to any changes that take place in your profession. 

Finally, if you know any suppliers working on the same wedding as you, share the cost of travel expenses. You will not only be saving money but you will also be helping the environment!

On the contrary, if it is a direct competitor or a supplier practising another profession, still remain open to meeting new people!

How to go about it ? 

It is not a complicated process and all you will need to create new partnerships is drive and willpower.

  1. When you arrive at the wedding venue, greet and introduce yourself to all the suppliers. Firstly, this will allow you to get your share of business when the time comes but, most importantly, you will appear welcoming and polite and they are more likely to approach you.

  2. Smile! We are naturally drawn to people who are smiling. Therefore, always have a smile on your face as this will show others that you love what you do. You are your brand's main ambassador so pay special attention to its appearance!

  3. Be professional until the very end! ´The essential principle of a partnership is that your work must be irreprochable. Be attentive and hardworking right from the start of the wedding and remain so until it has concluded. Show the other suppliers that you are all equal. 

  4. Always have a business card on you! If an opportunity presents itself, you will need to take it. And if you are not able to provide your contact details straight away this might mean you have missed out on a potential business opportunity.  

  5. If you have heard of a supplier or have seen his work on the internet, do not hesitate to get in contact with him! A brief email can often lead to successful partnerships.

  6. In the same way that you would like to be helped, if you hear about a lead that could be of interest to another supplier, tell him about it. He will be sure to return the favour in the future! 

  7. Finally, attend events organised especially for your professional field. The people who participate are all present to share and seize any opportunity they can! Do the same, and discover the events organised by Zankyou here!

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