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Five years ago Mandela was still alive and gay marriage was still banned in France. Ten years ago Obama had still not entered the White House and the Iphone had only just been launched. Fifteen years ago, Facebook didn't exist. In just a few years the world has changed drastically, and so has the behaviour of consumers, notably due to the domination of e-commerce. In 2017, 36.6 million people in France made online purchases, ¼ of which were on their phones. How has this affected the behaviour of this new generation of buyers and how can we make them a suitable offer? Thanks to the results of a study led by, we are able to undertand this new generation of consumers a little bit better.

The importance of the visual

Appearance and the visual are of crucial importance on online platforms. In fact, 93% of consumers consider a product's visual appearance to be one of the most important elements in their decision to purchase it or not. In other words, if you do not have an attractive profile you will have fewer clients. In addition, 52% of consumers who do not like a website's visual appearance are more likely to leave the page and never consult it again. You are not given a second chance and, if your website does not meet the consumer's expectations, in just a few clics, they can access any of your competitors' services. It must also be "responsive," in other words, must be adapted to a smartphone format, seeing as 75% of internet users are likely to neglect websites that cannot be accessed from their phone.

Videos, a mandatory asset

We already told you about this in other article: videos are the most powerful media platform! In fact, 96% of users consider videos to be an important influence in their decision to purchase a product or not. This is also because videos communicate a clearer message and are more appealing to consumers. In fact, 58% of consumers consider companies that publish videos on their website to be more reliable.

It has to be short

From year to year, consumers' attention spam is reduced, they no longer linger without reason and instead value every second. 65% of users are not willing to wait more than 3 seconds for a website to load, and this percentage increases by 7 points for every additional second. As well as being fast, it must be easy, or at least this is what 76% of users consider to be the most important criteria.

The importance of human interaction

Even though most companies rely on automatic systems, human interaction still remains essential. Knowing that an actual person is helping you to solve any problems you might be having will naturally make you feel more reassured. This is the reason why 57% of consumsers prefer contacting suppliers by phone rather than by any other means. Moreover, speaking to someone by phone creates a sense of sympathy and attachment that gives the company more character and a better profile. However, 27% of Millenials are less likely to forgive a management error made by a member of customer service. Therefore, the people behind the brand need to make themselves available and be highly qualified in order to increase their sales conversions. Even in B2B, the presence of a live chat can increase sales by 20%. It is also worth mentioning that reviews of the products and services left by real customers on a website increases conversions by 34%.

With Zankyou you benefit from an aesthetically pleasing design, technically efficient profile, and anything else to have a good online presence. It is now up to you to make the most of this, whilst also transmitting your energy and passion to your customers. Obtain reviews, add appealing visuals and be responsive!

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