Does the Gift List cost? (UK)
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It is completely free to create a Gift List. The only cost is associated with the handling fees of making contributions. The British giftlist offers you free of cost contributions (no fees at all) for the first received gifts up to 500.00 pounds. This will always be like this, regardless the package you choose.

Once this amount is reached there will always be a transaction fee to be paid, either from the bride couple or their guests (this option is only for card payments available). If you do not pay for a premium option the fees will be as follows: 2,4 % of the total paid amount + 0.85 pounds for each transaction. This is all standard rate.

The premium rate (there is an extra cost for that; you can buy the product in our premium section) is 2 % + 0.5 pounds for each contribution, after the first 500 pounds in received gifts.

The standad giftlist gives you as well 2 fund transfers to your personal bank account free of charge (the PDF document is not updated anymore, sorry about that). After the 2nd one the rate is £4.75 per transfer. With another premium product you will have 7 fund transfers free of charge. If you want to have these two advantages I would recommend you to buy a premium package, so you can take advantage of other premium services.

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