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Four ways to use promotions without having to use discounts
Four ways to use promotions without having to use discounts
If you use a good promotional strategy you will not need to sacrifice your branding.
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We often believe that the only way to create an attractive promotion is by offering a big discount alongside it. But here at Zankyou we know that this strategy is not the only avilable one , especially when it comes to the wedding industry, where every detail counts and costs.

Discounts are not the only way of increasing sales, there are various other strategies available to successfully capturing the attention of possible clients - without affecting your brand image or budget.

What types of promotions avoid the use of discounts?

  1. Offering exclusive, additional or special products and services. It is important that potential clients are made aware of the reasons why you are unique in the market. Ensure that you demonstrate that only you can fulfil the desires of couples interested in you and offer them a special sample/trial.

  2. Financial conditions; think about easy payment plans and methods; establish agreements with other brands or find other means of financing to set the final conditions between you and your couples.

  3. Events which you can use to give exposure to your brand and introduce couples to what you offer. These face-to-face encounters allow you to build trust which often results in recieving the custom of these couples later on.

  4. Coupons, gifts and additional products. Often our company has the ability to provide certain products and services that do not contribute towards our fixed costs, but increase the value of the service that we offer.

It is true that the use of additional products and services often equate to an increased amount of investment, but remember - you must consider the return and not just the expense. If with a small investment you achieve a positive return and successfully increase your sales, then the cost is definitely worth it!

Try out these ideas by launching your promotions on your Zankyou profile today.

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