Here, we are talking about the quality stamp that Zankyou offers to all the providers that figure on its portal. To feature the stamp on your website, simply copy-paste the link from your Zankyou provider profile onto your website.

How do I copy the link? It's very easy, follow this example on how it would work on WordPress. Systems like Blogger, Joomla and Drupal work in a similar way, all have a "design" view and a "code, text or html" view. You should follow the same process:

  1. Download the stamp that you like most, choose it here:

2. Identify the page or article you want to use to paste the stamp. When you are inside the article, add the image and then apply the link of your provider card. Use the pencil tool:

3. A dialog box will open, where you must introduce the link of your Zankyou provider card. You should do it as we show you in this figure, we have highlighted it with yellow:

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