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How to transform a negative review into an opportunity
How to transform a negative review into an opportunity

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How many times has it happened to us when someone leaves us a negative review on our social networks or even on pages like your Zankyou profile?

The first thing we ask ourselves is '...and now how do I erase it?' 😳 - But in reality this would be a mistake, because if we erase the criticisms, it could make it appear that we are hiding something, besides the fact that the negative comment may be transformed into an opportunity. "How?" you ask, read these 5 points below:

  1. Importance of responding: It is key to respond to ALL the comments made to you, regardless of whether they are positive or negative, because this shows that we are always attentive to interact with the couple. it shows we care about their comments and opinions. Increasingly, when people go to buy a product or hire a service, they review the opinions about it to make a decision, if they see that you have responded, you will generate trust as a brand.

  2. Language: When you respond to the opinions you have been given, use  cordial, respectful language that demonstrates that you really value that opinion.

  3. Take Responsiblity: It is essential that you assume responsibility when responding to the comment as, on the one hand, they may be right. No one is perfect and there are always opportunities for improvement. On the other hand if they are genuinely mistaken in their critisicm, it is a great opportunity to explain and clarify the issue to them and all those (reading) that may have the same concern.

  4. Always answer: If it is a positive opinion, thank the person for taking the time to leave their opinion. If it is a negative opinion, also begin by thanking them for leaving a comment and write publicly that you will contact them to solve it. If you do not have their information, take the opportunity to request a contact to be able to solve the issue as soon as possible. Once you contact them by phone, ask them to tell you what happened to be able to offer some sort of solution (in case it is still possible to solve) or asking for their forgiveness and committing to avoiding a repeat of the situation in the future. If you consider the negative review to be wrong, explain to the customer that they understand how they've made a mistake with the review and invite them to the next point (5).

  5. Fix it: Finally, when you have personally contacted those who have written a negative review and everything has been solved, ask them to please edit their review, thus converting this negative opinion into an opportunity! 😃

Remember to take advantage of all the comments that you have been left as a way to interact with couples, solve negative situations and improve your online reputation. Today this very factor is becoming more and more important, so make it a business objective to try to turn all the negative online reviews that you have, to positive recommendations.

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