How to get more opinions?
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It's been shown that newlyweds rarely click through shop windows with little or no opinion. And in many cases, they consider it a priority to get to know the opinions of other couples before starting a relationship with a new company. We advise, as a minimum, to obtain at least ten opinions. According to our statistics, the number of requests increases significantly when they have more than 5 opinions.

Get in touch with your clients, ex-clients and work partners and ask for a positive opinion on your Zankyou profile.

And who can leave a comment on my profile?

Anyone can leave a comment, after writing the comment, your contact only has to enter a name, an email and click on <<Enter>>. It is not necessary to have an account, but it is essential that you accept cookies to complete the procedure.

How can I ask my contacts for positive comments?

You can simply share your profile URL via WhatsApp and social networks which is located in your browser's navigation bar,

Or with the "Receive positive feedback" tool, you can write several messages at once and they will arrive as an individual email to each one.

  • Log in with your username and password.

  • Go to "Edit profile"

  • Click on "Get positive reviews"

A window will appear in which you should type (or copy and paste) the email addresses, separated by commas. If desired, customize the message and click "Send".

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