How do I upload a photo or video on my profile?
Improve your Zankyou profile's quality.
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To improve your Zankyou profile's quality, we recommend that you add at least 20 photos and a video to your profile.

How to do it ?

  • Log in with your username and password.

  • Access to "Edit tab"

  • Click on "Add photos" or on "Edit photos and video".

  1. Add the photos you want (we recommend a minimum of 20). To upload videos you have to paste the Youtube, Facebook or Vimeo link in "Add video".

  2. Scroll the photos to order them as you want

  3. Select the type of cover you want: Panoramic (centered cut), Panoramic (upper cut), Mosaic 4 photos. The first  image will be the one that appears as the cover on your profile.

  4. Select the "Profile picture" to be your cover in the directory among other companies.

Changes are saved automatically, you just have to switch to another section of your profile.

The logos are not allowed. You can check that no company has its own.

Remember to update your profile every so often to add recent photos and videos. You will receive more information requests!

Need any help? You can contact us via email or call us at 0845-8677856

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