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5 keys to keep a performant content marketing strategy
5 keys to keep a performant content marketing strategy

Being present in the contents where your brand is valued increases your sales potential.

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If this term still doesn't ring a bell, it's probably time for you to start rethinking your marketing strategy. Content marketing is a technique which has been used for more than 10 years. It consists of being present in content that gives value to your brand or to generate them directly. The objective is to transform that value into a concrete sale.

If you thought that having a nice website or social networks with many followers is enough, you are wrong. What's more, you'll surely have noticed that it hasn't helped you if you don't constantly update them or feed them with new content. If the media you use are not dynamic, it's as if you didn't have them, and, even worse, if they are dynamic but the content isn't qualitative, in other words, if your audience doesn't like it, they won't serve you either.

So what are the keys to developing a correct content marketing strategy?

  1. Brand association: choose well with whom to ally your image to give it the value it deserves.

  2. Magnify the content's scope: look for platforms or diffusion strategies that you think will have the largest public (very recurrent media) and the longest lifetime (for example, an article on the Internet could remain published for many years, but a paper advertising may not be read for more than two days).

  3. Select the best place to appear: the best place is not necessarily the busiest, but is the most suitable. Ask yourself: who else is there? what kind of audience is there? will I have enough visibility? will they find me if they search for me on Google?

  4. Don't lose perspective, you have to take care of both the brand and the sales volume. In the wedding business, the brand image is one of the major determinants of sales volume.

  5. Take care of all your communication channels: having your networks, publications, web or any outdated media, badly designed or simply not attended, is a failure in your content strategy. If you don't think you wouldn't be able to serve them, it's better not to implement them.

If you have questions about the best way to manage your image through the content marketing strategy ask our specialists.

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