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Why does response time matters for booking more couples?
Why does response time matters for booking more couples?
It is very simple: the longer you take to contact a bride or groom after they request information, the less likely you are to close a sale.
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It is very simple: the longer you take to contact a bride or groom after they request information about your services, the less likely you are to close a sale for that wedding. Why is this response time so critical to your business? In this article we'll cover some studies regarding this and how you can reduce your time response so you can improve your sales and bookings exponentially.

Are you being quick enough?

Studies show that if you don't respond to your prospects within 5 minutes (yes, just 5 minutes of them contacting you to request additional information), you might lose that lead. When you take longer than 5 minutes to answer, there can be up to a 80% decrease in your lead qualification. That specific lead that cost you money (paid advertising and precious time), will probably go straight to your competitors if you take longer than an hour. According to Lead Connect, when leads are contacted within the same minute of their inquiries, sales conversions can increase up to 391%.

Studies also show that many companies are not preforming will when it comes to their response time. 55% take 5+ days to respond, and up to 12% don't respond at all. Clearly, these providers have trouble closing deals and end up losing money invested in getting those leads. Are you one of those companies?

It might seem impossible to respond in such a short amont of time, but by not improving and realising the little time it takes to lose a prospect in this competitive digital landscape, you will lose many opportunities for your business. According to a study by Lead Connect, 78% of customers book from the company that responds to them first. Impressive, right? Being the first to reach that couple is imperative if you want to close more sales and bookings for this season. Now the real question, how do we decrease our response time? Here are some simple tips that might help you choose the best way in which you can improve greatly:

Monitor your messages constantly

A simple first step for your business would be to actively monitor the direct messages you receive on Facebook, Instagram and other professional profiles you might have in different wedding portals (like your Zankyou Profile). This is a simple interaction that allows you to establish a touchpoint with minimal effort while answering questions and inform your prospects.

Use tools to chat live

The best time to have that first conversation with a lead is not after they’ve submitted their information and left the site. It’s while they’re still on the page that they’re interested in. A live chat tool can serve as a great way to initiate that first point of contact, and begin the qualification process.

At Zankyou, we have created a Wedding Professionals App for businesses like yours that'll help you have a live conversation or chat with brides and grooms interested in your services. We send push notifications anytime a possible customer messages you or likes your profile so you can take action inmediately and start to qualify your leads. If you wish to download this app, click here to do it from the App Store or click here to download from the Play Store.

Automated responses/create templates ready to be sent

The best way to go is to create in your email, and your professional profiles (such as Facebook), some templates that will help you automatize your answers so you can reduce the time you spend on that first contact. Shortly after that first point of contact, you can have a better conversion through a call to make it more personable. You can also automate responses with important information in your email. For example, you can have a how to book a call with you, or some other useful information about your services or your availability.

In your Zankyou Inbox, you can save your replies so you can resend them to other prospects and only spend seconds in creating that first point of contact.

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