Couples all around the globe are actively looking for their wedding providers on Zankyou this season. Your most recent reviews (remember to aim for having at least +5 reviews each season) and your ZIWA Award badge will help you attract more couples that are the perfect match for you.

Getting more reviews each season is a must

Get more (and better) couples

In a study we published this year, we discovered that while providers with no reviews receive far fewer requests, couples are more interested in choosing top providers with the most reviews (they will choose them 65% of the time). So number of reviews is essential when managing your presence online: increasing the number and quality of reviews will make you close more weddings. Couples want to know firsthand experience on how professional a provider is, so it’s always helpful to give them answers to their questions about you before they even ask through your customer experiences.

Having many reviews is not the only thing you should focus on. Recency in reviews is also another important point couples look when planning their wedding. As we published before, the most important factors for couples when comparing and deciding between similar providers are: average rating, number of reviews and the recency of those reviews. So try to have at least a couple of new reviews each new wedding season.

Display your ZIWA Award everywhere

The ZIWA awards recognises the best providers in their category

Many providers use their ZIWA Award to showcase their level of professionalism, quality of their work and care for their clients. Add the badge present in your widget section in your Zankyou profile in your home page or blog to showcase it to your visitors.

Publishing your winner’s media kit in your social media is a great way to display the quality of your work when people research your profiles, and you can add your ZIWA badge to all your print promotional pieces and to other stationery too. Winning our ZIWA awards is a pretty big deal!

Remember that when you share anything about your business up front you’re generating a better understanding of who you are as a professional and helps to induce confidence to your potential clients.

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