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The Double Tick To Check Messages In Zankyou's Inbox
The Double Tick To Check Messages In Zankyou's Inbox
This handy tool allows you to know whether the receiver has read your message or not. It is in your inbox, so use it!
Written by Monica Prieto Toribio
Updated over a week ago

Just like WhatsApp, the double tick in Zankyou's inbox is a tool that allows you to verify whether the recipient of your message has read it.

When we send a quote, we usually think that the recipient is either ignoring it or that they simply have not received our message.

Zankyou's double tick will eliminate that uncertainty once and for all so you can decide what the next step will be with that contract you might be about to sign.

Internal statistics for 2020 show that 77.08% of the messages sent through the portal are read by couples.

How does it work?

✔ One tick means that the message has been successfully sent.

✔ ✔ Two ticks mean that the message has been read.

How do I know which couple has opened my message?

You have two ways of tracing the information:

  1. By replying directly from your inbox (in app or on desktop).

2. By replying from your own email with ‘reply to’, without having to enter the Zankyou platform.

"My email works better for me, it goes straight to the couple's email inbox"

This may be completely true, but the best contact tool is the telephone, not email. However, the discreet tool that lets you know if the message has been read can only be used if you reply from your inbox or with ‘reply to’ from Zankyou's own notification.

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