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Create Default Replies With Your Zankyou Pro Inbox
Create Default Replies With Your Zankyou Pro Inbox

Couples pay more attention to the quotes they receive first - they remember them more than the quotes they receive later.

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The predetermined answers on Zankyou are a great and efficient way to respond to enquiries. It has been found that clients tend to pay more attention to the quotes that they receive first, they analyse and discuss them with their partner and usually remember them more than the quotes they receive at a later date. This gives you an enormous advantage when creating and negotiating the contract.

How do default replies work with Zankyou?

They are messages that you have already sent at some point from your Zankyou profile and with one simple click you can include them in any chat conversation with a client. Its something so quick and automatic that you can respond to several messages within a short period of time. For example:

  1. Someone writes to you.

  2. You open the instant notification on your Pro account (remember to download the app if you have not already done so).

  3. You will be directly navigated to the chat where you can choose the answer that you want to give with a simple click.

  4. Create a new answer and save it.

  5. Simply write and send!

  6. Once sent, press the "save" button to add it to default answers. Afterwards you can edit it and give it a title.

Uses Of Default Answers

  1. To receive a request for a quote.

  2. To search amongst your options for an answer that is best suited to your potential clients.

  3. You can edit each answer with the pencil, change the text or attach files.

What Are The Advantages Of Default Answers?

  1. The system is completely flexible and editable, so you can adapt your texts to suit every client.

  2. You can create as many answers as you would like.

  3. You can attach and send files (photos, pdf, text, excel).

  4. You can easily change the attachments.

  5. You can easily edit them if you see that they need to be updated.

  6. You can save replies and and title them.

Now that you know how easy it is to have excellent communication with your future clients, what are you waiting for? Create and save your replies and respond to all your clients!

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