How to communicate your brand to couples

Whichever field you’re in, the key to success is ensuring that your target couples know exactly what you offer and ultimately choose you.

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When you think of a “brand” the first thing that probably pops into your mind is a name and logo. And how do we recognise a strong brand? When you hear or see a relating word that you automatically associate with a brand. For example, when you hear “search engine” most people think it is synonymous to Google, but in reality that’s because it has created such a strong brand image for itself that people disregard its competitors. Equally as SME owners, you should aim to create a strong brand for your goods or services so that when a couple goes through their planning checklist, you are one of the first providers to pop into their mind.

In this article, we explain some basic contents on how to communicate about your services to couples.

Product image

Building your product or service image can be as easy as having a snazzy and well functioning website. If your website is the first time a potential client “meets” your brand, even a spelling mistake can make you appear unprofessional. So make sure your website is correct and attractive and gives your visitors a taste of what they can expect if they choose you.

Find your niche

The best way for small businesses to have success is to find a niche and aim to dominate it. For example, thousands of invitation companies may exist in your country, but how can you differentiate yours? Guaranteeing delivery time or money back, offering 100% exclusive designs made from 100% recycled materials, gifting Thank You cards within the price of an invitation order… Whatever you decide your USP is, make sure you SELL it. Ensure that it is communicated through all your marketing activity so that the right clients find you.


The more specific in your business activity you are and the more overtly you publicize the features specific to you, then the easier it will be for couples to identify you as the right supplier for them! Take for example a venue, if it is a small venue that can only cater for 50 people, then there it is pointless trying to sell your services to a couple planning on having a guest list of 500 people. Or perhaps you’re a journalistic & contemporary wedding videographer, then the couple who wants a traditional wedding video will not be interested in the unique product you have to offer. But to help those couples who share your vision, find you, you have to make sure that you communicate your unique business features.

There are 3 general questions that a couple will want to know for all suppliers. Is your price range: Luxury, Mid or affordable? What are your terms of payment? And how much time before the wedding would you recommend hiring your services? But there are some queries that are very specific to your service and that should be communicated to facilitate the matchmaking process.

These are some principal queries that your couples will have before even interacting with your brand. A good place to begin to address them and allow couples to identify you as a potential supplier would be communicating the answers on your directory storefront! Having a comprehensive profile is just another positive encounter a couple can have with your brand before deciding to contract you. Remember to download our free guide to market your wedding business online and attract more (and better) customers here (in English).

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