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Are you already a "Highly Recommended" provider?
Are you already a "Highly Recommended" provider?
Find out how to guarantee the tag of prominence for the suppliers most recommended by our brides.
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Standing out in the universe of weddings is key to ensuring the attention of our fiancés. Being recognized as a quality, professional and highly recommendable supplier is our daily goal. Thinking about it and our brides, at Zankyou we launched the Higly Recommended supplier tag.

But what is being a Highly Recommended provider?

To guarantee this prominence and visibility in your Zankyou profile, you need to fulfill some requirements: to have a minimum number of opinions, to have a good star average and to have recent comments, of a maximum of three months.

This has been the constant clamor of our users, they want the providers with the most positive opinions to have a greater preponderance in our directory, publicly recognizing them as highly recommended by other grooms.

We know that 2020 was not an easy year, and that we did not have all the weddings that we would have liked, also, 2021 has had a difficult start due to the restrictions due to the pandemic. So, it is an ideal time to take advantage of and activate your contact networks with the newlyweds who already know their work, as well as with other partner providers to support each other. We are sure that the bride and groom are willing to spend a few minutes recognizing your work!

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