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How do I respond to a negative comment?
How do I respond to a negative comment?
Here are some tips on how to respond to a negative customer comment
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Did you get a bad review? Don't panic! Here are reasons why you shouldn't delete this review and some tips for turning a negative review into an opportunity.

Negative reviews are also a great opportunity to convert a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied customer, who may end up recommending you to others online. By leaving a negative comment, the customer gives you the opportunity to improve your situation. It's up to you to propose solutions!

First of all, it is essential to respond to ALL comments sent to us, regardless of whether they are positive or negative, as this shows that we are always attentive to interacting with the couple, that we care about their comments and opinions.

How to react?

  • If the comment is reasoned and constructive: we recommend that you try to understand this feedback and respond to it in detail. Show that your customers' opinions are important to try to resolve the discontent, the person may even change their mind. Take the opportunity to invite her to change the comment, turning it into a positive one.

  • Use courteous language: your answer allows you to highlight the positive aspects and areas for improvement that you suggest, always with the aim of easing tensions.

  • Accept criticism: a negative comment can be justified and also allows you to improve your services. Plus, it proves you're listening to constructive criticism.

  • Thank the reviewer: Thank him for his comment, even if it's negative, and even if you don't want to legitimize your complaint. Your answer is public! As you nod your reaction, he will feel understood.

  • A simple sentence like "Thanks for sharing your disappointment" will allow you to reflect on your feedback, which allows you to improve the quality of your services or restore the truth. Correcting wrong words with tact and diplomacy.

  • You can also write publicly that you will contact him.

  • Finally, remember to respond to positive comments too!

Give him an answer with a clear, well-reasoned, and calm argument.

With this you will show your professionalism and that you have nothing to hide. Confusions and misunderstandings happen.

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