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How do I report abuse on a negative comment?
How do I report abuse on a negative comment?
How do I report abuse on a negative comment?
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How many times has it happened that they left us a negative review on our social networks or on pages like our profile within Zankyou?

The first thing we think is "Now how do I erase?" 😳 - But this is a mistake, because if we erase them, it will affect our image because it will look like we are hiding something.

If you request the removal of a negative comment, it shows that you are disregarding your customers' opinions. Unfortunately, the consequences of this practice can make the situation worse and frustrate your customers, who would advise against your business to a wider audience (family, friends and other users). By deleting a negative comment, your company loses credibility and your positive comments lose value.

If the comment is unfounded or even malicious:

Click <<Notify Abuse>>.

This action will create an internal procedure and the responsible team will evaluate your request, in some cases the process can generate:

  • Direct contact with those involved to listen to the parties involved

  • Request for documentation to prove the veracity of the arguments

Remember that we advise this process after replying to the comment and following the recommended steps to not harm your online reputation and a contact with this customer to reach an agreement.

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