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Profile Quality Meters
Profile Quality Meters
The higher the level of your profile, the more visibility and business opportunities for your company.
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With this tool you can easily measure the quality of your profile, knowing in a personalized way what information you need to add or complete to improve it. The goal is to reach the highest level, "Master", which will ensure that your company generates a good impact on the couples who visit you.

How many levels are there?

There are 5 levels of quality for profiles. The lowest level, "Incomplete", refers to profiles with insufficient information. The highest level, "Master", shows that the quality of your profile is optimal.

These are the different levels, to climb from one to another you will only have to complete the required information in each of them, which will appear in a personalized way for each profile. It's very easy!

  • Incomplete - 0%

  • Beginner - 25%

  • Intermediate - 50%

  • Advanced - 75%

  • Master - 100%

How can I level up?

The menu will help you to know which sections need to be completed or upgraded.

Click on each section for more detailed information.

Getting a "Master" profile is very easy. Start working on your digital image today. We have found that higher quality profiles receive more and better business opportunities. Take advantage of this tool!

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